Introducing POM service connection valves with Pentomech™ couplings


Easy and secure connection to PE pipes.

We are pleased to introduce AVK POM service connection valves with a new type of coupling called Pentomech™.

The unique Pentomech™ coupling is designed with an external compression nut offering easy and secure connection. After insertion of the PE pipe, the compression nut pre-compresses the conical gasket around the pipe, and at the same time compresses the tensile grip ring for an instant grip into the pipe surface. This ensures tensile resistance and tightness even at low pressure regardless of the pipe being slightly oval or having an uneven surface.

The valves are PN16 rated and are available in 4 sizes, suitable for all PE service connection pipes ranging from DN25/Ø32mm to DN50/Ø63 mm in both SDR11 and SDR17.

Please see datasheet 16/59 for more information.