En ny Supa Maxi™ slussventil

AVK utökar sortimentet med en slussventil med Supa Maxi™ dragfasta kopplingingar DN 80-300 30-04-2016

Supa Maxi™ gate valve combines AVK's renowned Supa Maxi™ and gate valve designs ensuring a long lasting solution with ease of installation, and is the perfect choice for repairing old pipelines as well as when installing new pipes. The Supa Maxi™ valves connect to any pipe material bringing down the need for stock as one valve fits all pipes. With a built-in gate valve it is easy to shut-off the water in case of further repair or replacement of the old pipeline at a later stage.

The Supa Maxi™ gate valve is a time and cost saving alternative to other typical solutions such as a flanged gate valve plus two tensile universal flange adaptors and bolts, or a spigot end gate valve plus two tensile universal couplings. 

The gate valve features a unique wedge design with fixed wedge nut, AVK’s own drinking water approved EPDM rubber and GSK approved epoxy coating. 

The Supa Maxi™ coupling ends feature a sturdy design, easy installation and the SupaGrip™ sealing support system with a flexible bracket ensuring maximum support of the gasket. 

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